Recent AEW Incomer Shoots On "Heat" With The Young Bucks

An incident in WWE led to online rumours of heat between The Bucks and this guy!

Rob Van Dam

Recent AEW guest Rob Van Dam has moved to shoot down rumours of possible backstage heat with The Young Bucks.

RVD told listeners on his '1 Of A Kind' podcast that there was chatter about potential friction between the Jackson brothers and himself stemming from an incident when both Bucks were WWE extras many moons ago. Back then, Matt and Nick failed to properly introduce themselves or shake hands with Rob, which is a big no-no for traditionalists within the pro wrestling industry.


That caught some attention, and so did Van Dam's own comments about the pair "looking like high-schoolers" back then. He acknowledges that he probably shouldn't have said that, but didn't really mean it in a negative way.

According to RVD, there's zero heat between he and the siblings. In fact, Rob thinks that whole handshake deal is "just like the f*cking Mafia!". Generally, wrestlers are expected to show deference to those higher up the food chain when they arrive at the building, then make sure to say goodbye before they leave.


So, there you go, this isn't the latest round of AEW drama!

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