Recent WWE Call-Ups Have Not Received New Contracts

Despite moving to the big leagues, no big new deals have been offered just yet.

While recent weeks and months have seen WWE move several talents to the Raw and SmackDown brands to help flesh out their diminished roster, Fightful Select has an interesting new update on these call-ups.

According to Fightful, a significant portion of these talents have not received new or improved contract offers since being moved to WWE’s red or blue brands.

One significant source told the outlet that any contract changes are likely to be discussed once things “return to normal” with WWE and with the world as a whole.


It’s worth noting that all talent are these days working a much lighter schedule than previously, with WWE obviously not running live events right now and doing what they can to condense their TV taping schedule to as few days as possible.

Matt Riddle is the biggest name to be moved from NXT to the purported main roster, while names like Angel Garza, Austin Theory, Dabbo-Kato, and Arturo Ruas are other performers who have been featured on main roster programming in major or minimal roles recently.


Right now, WWE has zero idea when there’ll be able to start running live shows and touring their TV product again.

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