Recently Released Star Refuses To Rule Out WWE Return

A former NXT and SmackDown man says WWE's door is "never fully closed".

Top Dolla

Released ex-WWE man Top Dolla has refused to rule out a return to the company.

The former Hit Row member has told Ringsiders Wrestling that the company's door is "never fully closed". He'd consider another offer from WWE if they wanted to talk, basically - Dolla, who is now called A.J Francis, left the promotion in mid-November 2021.

He and his Hit Row pals had literally just been promoted from NXT to SmackDown in the WWE Draft, so this exodus came as a big surprise. The former NFL player, who had stints with teams like the New England Patriots, Washington Football Team and New York Giants, had reportedly ruffled some feathers behind the scenes before being cut loose.


Francis said he's concentrating on two different projects right now, but would talk turkey with WWE if they were ever interested in bringing him back. The artist formerly known as Top Dolla is currently working on some TV shows, and enjoys making music with fellow ex-Hit Row alumni Shane “Swerve” Strickland on the side.

He's happy then. Fans should not ignore the possibility of a WWE comeback in 2022 though.


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