Recently Released Star Reveals His Post-WWE Dream Matches

A recently released WWE NXT star wants matches in AEW, New Japan and beyond.

Oney Lorcan

Former WWE star Oney Lorcan (now called Biff Busick) has revealed no less than three dream matches he wants to have elsewhere.

The one-time NXT Tag-Team Champion told Fightful that Bryan Danielson tops the list. Busick has admired the AEW man for a long time - he said Bryan's 2006 match with Lance Storm in ROH (from 'Better Than Our Best' if anyone wants to check it out) was responsible for making him realise that he even wanted to be a pro wrestler.

Now, Biff fancies having his own classic with Danielson.


After that, Busick loves the thought of trading stiff strikes with Japanese mauler Minoru Suzuki. That's another match that could happen in AEW. Alternatively, Biff might want to do it in New Japan. Busick vs. Suzuki wouldn't be for the faint of heart wherever it happens, that's for sure.

Finally, the ex-NXT stalwart wants to step into the ring with CM Punk. Biff, perhaps rightly, claimed that he was never getting Punk in WWE even they'd re-signed him instead of AEW; Vince McMahon would've had bigger matches in mind.


Now, it's a possibility.

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