Recently Released WWE Star To Appear On Tonight's Raw?

Could one of the many recent releases already be set for a WWE return?

In an interesting potential twist ahead of tonight’s episode of Raw, we may well see one of WWE’s recently released superstars making an appearance. Well, that’s if Ryan Satin is to be believed.

According to Satin – who these days has a working relationship with WWE and a spot on WWE Backstage – he’s hearing that one of the multiple talents released last Wednesday may turn up on Raw this evening.


For those wondering, tonight’s Raw will be emanating live from the WWE Performance Center.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about a released superstar still appearing on WWE TV, for Drake Maverick confirmed in his emotional post-release video that he will be working three upcoming matches in the company’s tournament to crown an interim Cruiserweight Champion.


Satin didn’t allude any further on just exactly who he’s heard may be appearing tonight, but just throwing it out there, what if Rusev opened the show and WWE strapped the proverbial rocket on his back as a true main event star vying for a shot at the WWE Championship?

We can but dream.


And interestingly, Drake Maverick has just now released this cryptic tweet in referencing to something happening at 7:30pm US time - which, in terms of Florida time, would line up nicely with Raw.

Of course, Rusev and Maverick are just two of a vastly larger number released by WWE last week. In Drake's case, maybe one of those three aforementioned tournament matches actually takes place tonight?

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