Released Female Shoots On "Brain Washing" And WWE's "Toxic Environment"

A former WWE female star didn't hold back when discussing her time with the company.

Lana WWE crying

CJ 'Lana' Perry reminisced about WWE "brain washing" during a remarkable post on her official Instagram page.

The former WWE star didn't hold back - she said that she couldn't believe how far she had come personally since leaving the company on 2 June 2021. Perry also recalled "the toxic environment that [she] had worked in for eight years" during the emotional post.

Lana went on to reveal that she had let WWE "define [her] identity and self-worth". Her entire life has taken a "complete 180 from WWE only wanting me to wear pink, have blonde hair and having my ass kicked" on TV. She's grateful for the chance to evolve and grow as a person since departing the promotion, and has enjoyed having more free time.


Perry encouraged anyone reading her words to "chase the big dreams", and to do so "passionately". She'd also like folks to "be brave" and "take calculated risks" where possible. Those positive words followed praise for former peers like Naomi, Natalya and Liv Morgan - all of those women remain close to CJ away from the ring.

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