Released Former Champion Set For WWE Appearance Next Week

One of the many names released by WWE last year is on the cusp of a return.

Tyler Breeze

One of the many, many talents released by WWE last year, Tyler Breeze is set to make an appearance on WWE The Bump next week.

The official WWE Twitter account announced that Breeze and Big E would be in-studio for The Bump in six days' time.

After 11 years under the WWE banner, Prince Pretty was released by WWE in June of last year.


Upon signing with the promotion back in 2010, the Canadian initially went by his real name of Matt Clement before then taking on the Mike McGrath and Mike Dalton monikers. By the time of 2013 and with FCW having by that point become NXT, the hugely talented star re-debuted as Tyler Breeze.

While Tyler would of course spend several years on the WWE main roster, a return to NXT in late-2018 would lead to Breeze and Fandango winning the NXT Tag Team Championships.


Whether this appearance on The Bump is a one-off deal or something more, that remains to be seen. It's worth noting, Triple H has long been a fan of Tyler Breeze, and the star was once positioned as a key component of the Game's NXT. Given how plentiful other Paul Levesque favourites have returned to WWE across these past couple of months, it doesn't sound implausible for Breeze to be brought back into the fold in some sort of capacity.

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