Released Star On Potential THIRD WWE Run: "I Would Be A Fool Not To!"

This former WWE star is refusing to rule out yet another run with the company.

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin says he'd be right up for exploring another run with WWE if Triple H and other bosses came calling. The wrestling veteran saw his second stint with the company come to an end when he was released in September 2023.

The guy isn't bitter about it.


Benjamin told the Daily Star that he'd "be a fool to not look at the opportunity" if WWE fancied signing him for a third time. Shelty B previously enjoyed runs between 2000-2010 and 2017-2023 - his first tenure was more successful and included runs as Intercontinental and United States Champ, but Benjamin did get to be part of the critically acclaimed Hurt Business faction (alongside Bobby Lashley, MVP and Cedric Alexander) second time around.

He admitted that WWE is always "going to be frustrating at times", but knows the "biggest company in the world" offers maximum exposure if someone approaches it the right way. To Shelton, WWE is less of a pro wrestling promotion and more of "a marketing machine".


Benjamin would "definitely consider" inking fresh terms if the phone call came in again.


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