Released WWE Star Admits He "Misses" The Company

This former WWE wrestler put the promotion's good side over and said he misses it.

Alexander Wolfe

Former WWE man Alexander Wolfe has admitted that he "misses" the promotion.

Wolfe, who now wrestles as Axel Tischer, told the 'Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling' podcast that Vince McMahon's operation "is such a great company". The former SAnitY and Imperium man was released in May 2021 (his contract officially expired in June), but has nothing bad to say about WWE now.

In fact, Tischer misses being able to live in Florida - he also misses the way WWE takes care of its talent. Specifically, Axel brought up how company staff were always on hand to help sell merchandise at NXT live events, and how they made potentially-difficult road trips feel like a breeze.


Travel wasn't a pain for Wolfe in WWE, but it is now on the indy circuit.

The thing Tischer misses most though? All that "knowledge" he gleaned from various legends who passed through the Performance Center during his time there. The German told the pod that he learned so much in a short space of time just by keeping quiet and listening to those heroes talk.


He'll never forget that experience; it almost sounds like Axel has unfinished business in WWE!

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