Renee Paquette Says THIS Jon Moxley Spot "Drives Her Bonkers"

AEW's Jon Moxley often does something during his matches that his wife HATES.

Jon Moxley AEW Blood

Renee Paquette has admitted that she "hates" it when husband Jon Moxley licks his opponent's blood during matches.

Speaking via her 'Sessions' podcast, Renee said that she can't stand it when Jon gets a peer's plasma on his hands and then licks it off. That, she says, "drives her bonkers". Hilariously though, Paquette often makes a mental note to chew Moxley out for the spot when he gets home, but she's often forgotten about the whole thing by the time that happens.

All is forgiven once big Mox strolls through the front door.


Renee called the blood-licking spot her "number one" pet hate from Jon's matches. Other things she's not too keen on include "slap spots to the head" and "spots with chairs". Watching Moxley matches must be an exercise in torture for Paquette then, because slaps and chairs rank amongst the most tame things he does during showcase bouts.

It's not difficult to imagine that Renee detests the more hardcore stuff then.


Paquette added that she's more worried about "the long-term effects" than anything else. She just wants her hubby to be safe, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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