Report: 1,500 Fans Walked Out On THIS WWE Raw Segment

A certain WWE Raw segment didn't work for this week's live crowd...

Alexa Bliss

Last night's WWE Raw segment featuring Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair was reportedly a huge flop with the live crowd, prompting fans to depart Raleigh, North Carolina's PNC Arena in droves.

Speaking on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said he had been told around 1,500 people left the building at this stage in the show. If the numbers are accurate, this would have been at about 10 PM ET as Raw's third hour was getting underway.

Meltzer mentioned later in the episode that Bliss and her out-there character typically do well in arena shows. This seemingly wasn't the case last night, as Alexa invited Charlotte to her "playground" ahead of their match at Extreme Rules 2021 (26 September).


A shade under 8,000 fans are believed to have been in attendance last night. That means the 1,500 who left (and never returned, per Meltzer) represented approximately 19% of the total audience.

A Triple Threat match pitting Universal Champion Roman Reigns, WWE Champion Big E, and Bobby Lashley against each other was announced as Raw's main event during the show's first hour. Clearly, those that walked out didn't see this as something worth sticking around for, though it ended as the show's biggest highlight.

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