Report: "Virtually All" WWE Wrestlers Have Reached Out To AEW

Major WWE stars tempted by the fruit of another?

Roman Reigns AEW

"Virtually all" WWE wrestlers have reached out to AEW in some shape or form, looking to discuss a potential future with Tony Khan's promotion somewhere down the road.

This is according to Dave Meltzer. Speaking on the subject during a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, he noted that while AEW isn't interested in scooping up every single performer that leaves WWE, Tony Khan's company does have its eye on any wrestler that could help benefit its business.

Recent months have seen the likes of FTR and Matt Cardona go All Elite months after securing their WWE releases.


The report also states that Roman Reigns, specifically, has no interest in leaving WWE for AEW. He is one of the few notable names that hasn't tried to contact America's second-biggest wrestling promotion and remains loyal to his current home. Chris Jericho had previously pinpointed 'The Big Dog' as the WWE performer he'd most like to see come to AEW, talking to WhatCulture's Adam Wilbourn in an exclusive interview.

Reigns is currently inactive in WWE, having opted not to work through the ongoing global health crisis for his family's sake. When he'll return to the promotion remains uncertain.

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