Report: A Member Of WWE Management HATES The Tag-Team Belts

Who isn't keen on WWE's Tag Title design?


WWE's Executive Producer Bruce Prichard revealed on his popular 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast that he can't stand the current designs for both the Raw and SmackDown Tag-Team Titles.

Prichard was responding to a fan question asking which, if any, championship belt design he wasn't keen on. Most probably didn't expect him to cherry pick one of WWE's current titles, but Bruce admitted that he hates the gladiatorial motif.

WWE introduced that design back in 2010 when The Hart Dynasty were still champs. Originally, the titles were copper-plated and backed by black leather - the company has since changed the actual plates to silver and put them on both red and blue straps to differentiate between both brands.


Bruce still doesn't like them.

The podcast host didn't divulge whether he thinks the gladiator look was a poor replacement for the old tag belts or if he just hates it generally. There's probably a generation of fans who won't even remember what the previous ones looked like.


What do you think of WWE's Raw and SmackDown Tag Title design? Do you agree with Prichard, or are you a fan of the way they look?

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