Report: AEW Wrestlers Frustrated With All In Build

A new report suggests X/Twitter users aren't the only people frustrated with AEW All In.

Sleepy Tony Khan

AEW hits London, England's Wembley Stadium for what could end up being the biggest wrestling show in history next Sunday (27 August), having shifted over 80,000 tickets for the landmark show - the organisation of which has reportedly caused backstage frustration.

SEScoops have indicated that AEW sources believe company founder and CEO Tony Khan is "straining under the weight of a massive Wembley show." One wrestler commented that AEW personnel are "upset" about All In, owing at least partly to travel issues, with some fearing that they won't live up to the occasion.


Per the wrestler:

"A lot ..... are upset about Wembley. Maybe if it were just Wembley, it would be different. But with everything that's happened over the last year, it's becoming the one major issue. People want to know if they're going to London, what the card is going to be ... it's a show everyone wants to be on. It's like our WrestleMania 3, or maybe our WrestleMania 1, but there isn't any urgency. People are scared we aren't going to live up to this moment."

A different AEW source acknowledged Khan's post-Forbidden Door comments in June, where he commented that the All In card would take time to put together. The anonymous employee noted that the injured Bryan Danielson would have likely been near the top of the show, saying that while they "get the fans," injuries and other factors have led to things coming together a little later:

"He said (in the presser just after) Forbidden Door that (Wembley) would be a card that would take time to build. He said this was going to be the case, so I'm not sure why everyone is disgruntled about it. I get the fans, but Bryan Danielson would have likely been in the main event or in the top of the card somewhere, then he breaks his arm the same night Tony said this, so it was already a factor before anyone knew how bad he was hurt. That caused a huge change in plans. Tony even said, injuries are going to make this like the first Forbidden Door show when things developed and were scheduled late, and that's been the case."

AEW added several matches to the All In lineup on last night's Dynamite, including a Stadium Stampede bout, Kenny Omega trios match, and Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho.

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