Report: Daniel Bryan Signs With AEW

Daniel Bryan is said to be 100% "locked in" to an AEW contract.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has signed an All Elite Wrestling contract, reports Bodyslam's Cassidy Haynes.

Haynes' source states that Bryan is "locked in" to AEW. He has "100%" signed a deal.

The former WWE Champion asked for a number of conditions in order to sign, including working a more relaxed schedule for comparable money, freedom to wrestle in Japan, and a degree of creative control regarding his character. Haynes notes that at least the creative control was consented to.


As far as where and when Bryan will debut goes, a separate Bodyslam report states that AEW plans on having him show up at the promotion's big Dynamite: Grand Slam show in New York City. This goes down on 22 September. The company had originally intended to wait until its All Out pay-per-view plans were finalised before bringing Bryan in, though yesterday's CM Punk news may have changed this.

Bryan has effectively been a free agent since the 30 April episode of WWE SmackDown, on which he lost a title vs. career match with Roman Reigns. PWInsider reported earlier this week that the internal belief within Vince McMahon's promotion is that Bryan is en route to Jacksonville.

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