Report: Kenny Omega Pitched Losing AAA Title After Learning Of Ric Flair's Involvement

Another twist in Kenny Omega and Andrade El Idolo's Triplemania XXIX saga.

Kenny Omega AAA

Kenny Omega successfully defended the AAA Mega Championship against Andrade El Idolo in a much-publicised Triplemania XXIX match last week, with AEW reportedly utilising its right to dictate Omega's outside bookings by asking for Omega to go over when AAA originally booked Andrade to win.

Dave Meltzer brought new information to the table on today's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. Reiterating previous reports, he noted that the decision to switch the outcome wasn't contentious - but the situation changed at the very last minute.

Omega wasn't clued-in on Ric Flair's involvement in the bout ahead of time. Instead, he found out about it on the day of the show, pitching losing the Mega Championship due to the legend's presence, believing it would be a good story. At this point, Tony Khan was fine with Omega losing under these circumstances.


AAA co-owner Dorian Roldán Peña was already set on Omega winning, however. He had already planned Kenny's first post-Andrade defence (which may or may not be Psycho Clown, according to Meltzer), so the outcome stayed the same.

Though AAA initially planned on having Andrade win, the final decision to have Omega go over was theirs. Flair ended up lighting Kenny up with chops, then putting Konnan in a Figure Four, but his involvement wasn't decisive.

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