Report: Latest On Saraya's Deal With AEW

Just how long is the former Paige All Elite, and will we see her in the ring?

AEW Saraya Paige

One of the biggest talking points from last week was the shock AEW debut of Saraya during Dynamite Grand Slam, with the former WWE star walking into a company whose women's division has been a perceived weak spot for a while.

Fightful Select reports that Saraya is set to be part of All Elite Wrestling for quite some time, with sources saying that she has signed a three-year deal with the company. It's unknown at this time whether there are any option years attached, though AEW has employed those often.

Saraya's 11-year run with WWE came to a close in July when her contract expired, and Fightful learned that AEW contacted her not long after the two-time Divas Champion became a free agent.


Probably the biggest question out there is whether Saraya will wrestle again. Fightful noted that the value of her contract "largely implies that she'll be wrestling in some capacity," though there's no indication of whether she's been cleared to compete.

However, it's worth noting that the announcers have made references to her in-ring presence in her two AEW appearances, noting that she's changed the women's division despite not having a match "yet."


Saraya has not wrestled since December 2017, less than a month after returning to action from a neck injury. She remained on WWE television as a manager, authority figure and analyst until her contract expired this summer.

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