Report: Miro Turned Down Major AEW Creative Pitch

Per this latest AEW report, it might take more time for the Redeemer to be Redeemed.

Miro AEW

On the Wrestling Observer website's message board, editor Dave Meltzer has provided an update on the ongoing stasis in which All Elite Wrestling's Miro finds himself.

Fightful Select reported earlier this week that Miro is medically cleared to compete and "actively wanting" to do so. Given Meltzer's update, it would seem that he has heard differently from another source close to the situation; writing that the idea that Miro was slapped with the dreaded "creative has nothing for you" line was "completely untrue", Dave indicates that the something AEW had in mind for him was rejected by the performer himself. Dave elaborated:

"[The idea pitched for Miro] was better than what Ethan Page got as far as where he'd be pushed, and Page didn't get his idea but the difference is Ethan Page was seemingly on board with being the guy who wins a bunch, talks a bunch, and sets up the guy getting the title shot in the end. And that's why he was all over TV."

It can be inferred from this report that Miro - who last wrestled for AEW at the All Out PPV in a winning effort alongside Sting and Darby Allin over the House of Black - harbours ambitions above his perception within the company. This is a natural and indeed positive byproduct of a competitive wrestling landscape. Independent contractors have agency now.


Encouragingly for Miro's fans - who find his continued absence from AEW television somewhere between inexplicable and promotional malpractice - Dave also noted that "[the two sides] are talking new ideas right now".

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