Report: Naomi & Sasha Banks Have Zero Sympathy Backstage In WWE

"Diva", "f*cking mark", and other disparaging terms have reportedly been aimed at Banks and Naomi.

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The WWE locker room is reportedly unsympathetic towards Sasha Banks and Naomi following the Women's Tag Team Champions' Raw walkout this week.

As covered in detail on Tuesday, Banks and Naomi left this week's Raw broadcast during the show, with myriad creative issues cited as the reason. Details are still emerging on the developing situation, with the duo's immediate WWE futures currently unclear.

But while a number of well-known wrestling figures have voiced support for Naomi and Banks on social media (including Bayley, Dax Harwood, and more), it doesn't sound like they are receiving a great deal of support from people within WWE.


Following on from an initial report from PWTorch's Wade Keller, Bryan Alvarez confirmed on Wrestling Observer Live that although there will be exceptions (like Naomi's husband, Jimmy Uso), he has not heard of a single sympathetic party on WWE's roster. Company personnel, in general, are not sticking up for Banks and Naomi. Terms like "mark", "f*cking mark", and "diva" have been thrown around, with Sasha seemingly the prime target.

Alvarez commented that he hadn't heard anything said about Naomi. Instead, "it's all about Sasha", whom people inside WWE are "furious" with. Despite the tandem refusing to stand for what they perceived to be poor creative, they have been met with "zero sympathy."

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