Report: New COVID-19 Outbreak At WWE Performance Center

Multiple positive test results appear to have prompted considerable creative changes.


There has been a new outbreak of the disease currently ravaging the planet at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, reports Jon Alba of Spectrum Sports.

Alba tweeted the following on Monday evening:-


This was quickly corroborated by a Fightful Select report stating that a number of Performance Center classes were cancelled over the past few weeks as a result of this.

Per Alba (via a source), "some have gotten relaxed with mask wearing, especially in spots where some people congregate and there was concern over that." Personnel were still testing positive as recently as this past weekend, with "the belief being a coach accidentally spread it."


WWE's last report COVID-19 outbreak was in July, when it was reported that upwards of 40 independent contractors had tested positive. AJ Styles and Renee Young, who has since left the promotion, are amongst the most notable names to confirm their own positive test results.

The market-leading promotion has come under intense scrutiny for the way it has handled the global health crisis, with the group not introducing a full testing system until several months after its onset. This is no longer the case, with WWE tightening its protocols, though the new outbreak is troubling.

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