Report: New WWE Belt To Be 24/7 Title

Mick Foley expected to unveil new Hardcore strap.

Mick Foley Hardcore Title

During last night's Money in the Bank pay-per-view, WWE promised those tuning into Raw on Monday that Hall of Famer Mick Foley would be on hand to unveil yet another new championship, though precise details were not given.

According to John Pollock, speaking on the POSTwrestling podcast immediately after the show, the new title is believed to be a 24/7 deal, in the same vein as the discontinued Hardcore Title. What this means is that the belt is up for grabs round the clock, so long as a referee is present to make the count.

WWF inaugurated their no-rules Hardcore Championship in November 1998, when Vince McMahon named Mick Foley as the very first champion. Two years later, the title adopted its famous 24/7 rule, leading to a glut of changes with many lasting less than a day. Such luminaries who held the strap included Terri, one of The Godfather's 'Hos', and Gerald Brisco.


When the belt was discontinued in 2003, Foley was honoured once more with the strap. The fact he is presenting a new title tonight combined with Pollock's information can't be a coincidence.

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