Report: Omos Training With Experienced WWE Wrestler

WWE Raw giant working with experienced wrestling veteran behind the scenes.

Omos WWE

Omos has been working with one of the most experienced wrestlers on the WWE roster.

Per Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the Raw giant has been training with Robert Roode behind the scenes, having just entered a program with the former NXT Champion and Dirty Dawgs partner Dolph Ziggler on last night's show.

Omos and manager MVP lost to rival Bobby Lashley at Hell In A Cell 2022 on Sunday (5 June). On Raw, the big man rebounded with an eight-second victory over Cedric Alexander before the returning Dirty Dawgs hit the stage for an interview. MVP and Omos weren't pleased that Kevin Patrick was talking to Ziggler and Roode, not them, so MVP got in Dolph and Robert's face. Seconds later, the Dirty Dawgs fled the scene after Ziggler blasted MVP with a superkick.


Meltzer speculated that Omos and Roode's work together could be the reason they have been placed opposite one another onscreen. It stands to reason that WWE would want to help the developing giant by having him collaborate with more experienced competitors.

Effectively a main roster regular since debuting as Raw Underground's bouncer in June 2020, Omos recruited MVP as manager after the Hurt Business leader turned on Lashley on the 4 April Raw.


Roode, meanwhile, is one of the safest hands in WWE, and a wrestler with close to 23 years of experience under his belt.

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