Report: This NXT Call-Up Set To Be A 'Major Focus' For WWE's Future

Explosive superstar has seen his role altered -- for the better -- as WWE moves to Netflix era.

Bron Breakker WWE

For years, NXT superstars called up to the main roster more often than not faced a difficult path to success, seeing their momentum and aura snuffed out under previous WWE management.

That has changed in recent years with Paul "Triple H" Levesque at the helm, with NXT wrestlers on the whole getting a much better shake on Raw and SmackDown, and one former developmental champion looks to be poised for big things as WWE moves into a new era.

The ever-reliable WrestleVotes reported that the company has "considerably altered" its creative plans for Bron Breakker, with the former NXT Champion set to be "a major focus" for WWE as Raw heads to Netflix in 2025.


The son of WWE Hall-of-Famer Rick Steiner and nephew of HOFer Scott Steiner, Breakker has made tremendous strides since debuting less than three years ago. He was called up before WrestleMania 40 and signed with SmackDown before being drafted to Raw in April.

It's not clear what those original creative plans were for Breakker, but he has morphed from being a highly touted prospect to an unhinged, dangerous and explosive maniac. Two weeks ago, he murked Kale Dixon, spearing him repeatedly before smashing his head against the ring steps with a steel chair. On Raw this week, he tried to do the same thing to Ricochet after their match.


As WrestleVotes said its source noted, Bron's age, speed, look and pedigree is a combination that can't be ignored. While he's still developing as a performer, Breakker has the potential to be an immediate impact player in WWE, and it's refreshing to see the company nurturing that rather than putting the rookie through his paces and making him participate in an R-Truth comedy segment before building him back up.

Breakker currently is feuding with Raw GM Adam Pearce backstage and Ricochet and Ilja Dragunov in the ring.

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