Report: Triple H Has Brought A "Positive & Fresh Vibe" To WWE

Another positive backstage report on the new WWE regime's impact.

Triple H VIBES

WWE's new regime has brought a "positive and fresh vibe" to the promotion.

This is according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and comes following Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul 'Triple H' Levesque ascending to power after Vince McMahon's resignation as CEO and Chairman.

While some talents are concerned about their ability to keep their spot under Triple H as creative lead, generally, things are positive. There's an overall feeling of excitement in the promotion at the moment. Specifically, Levesque has come across as somebody who cares for the wrestlers.


Those who aren't sure of their spots are reportedly adopting more of a wait-and-see approach to the changes. Regardless, things are calmer and more relaxed, with WWE's women optimistic that they will be more of a focus.

Oh, the words "wrestler" and "wrestling" are no longer considered dirty on a wrestling show featuring a cast of wrestlers. Progress!


Vince McMahon resigned on 22 July, doing so amidst allegations that he'd paid upwards of $12 million in "hush money" to suppress allegations of sexual conduct. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have since been named WWE's new co-CEO's, with Levesque not only returning to his old Executive Vice President position, but becoming head of creative too.

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