Report: Vince McMahon To Lose $375 Million On XFL

The XFL's comeback could prove a massive money pit for McMahon... again.

vince mcmahon xfl

The XFL is back, baby, and it looks like Vince McMahon's pro-football fantasies are about to cost him a boatload of money... again.

While the XFL's original run in 2001 stung WWE to the tune of roughly $35 million, the rebirth could see McMahon lose more than ten times that amount - as highlighted by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio using freely-available financial information.

Meltzer states that Vince's current plan is to absorb a hefty $375 million loss over the first three years of XFL action, after which the WWE Chairman believes he will be able to get television deals with $125 million per season. In time, this would cover his losses, though it's obviously dependent on actually scoring those TV contracts.


Vince must prove his XFL's products value to the networks. If he can get decent ratings, he'll likely have his wish, which Meltzer notes "isn't as long of a shot as everyone thinks."

Regardless, the XFL returns to action with the Seattle Dragons visiting the D.C. Defenders at 2pm EST this coming Saturday. McMahon reportedly plans to invest $500 million of his own money into the project so let's see how it goes.

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