Report: Vince McMahon To Release Jordan Myles From WWE?

NXT star to depart following t-shirt controversy?

Jordan Myles Vince McMahon

The Jordan Myles/WWE saga shows no sign of slowing down as it moves into its third day, with the NXT wrestler doubling down on his stand against his employers on social media last night and hosts of wrestlers adding their voices to the debate.

Now,'s Brad Shepard is reporting that Vince McMahon is thinking about releasing Myles from his promotion:-

It's impossible to report a Shepard story without mentioning his dubious track record and fondness for trolling, of course, but whatever your stance on the Myles situation, it isn't difficult to understand why Vince might feel rattled by the allegations.

Yesterday saw Myles claim that "WWE don't care about black people" and call former Ring Of Honor champion Jay Lethal an "Uncle Tom." PWInsider are also reporting that Jordan hasn't been presented at the WWE Performance Center in weeks.

Titus O'Neil added his voice to the debate yesterday, agreeing with Myles' stance but criticising his approach:-

Booker T, meanwhile, didn't mince his words, saying "this going to social media crap is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life," adding that he didn't think it was a racial issue and that the situation should've been handled behind the scenes.

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