Report: WWE "Thrilled" With Crown Jewel 2021

All the latest backstage reaction to WWE's Saudi Arabian supershow.

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People within WWE are said to be thrilled with how yesterday's Crown Jewel 2021 pay-per-view in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia went.

This is according to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, who reports that company sources believe it was one of the strongest major shows they have produced all year.

Their reaction is in line with the general online response, which was broadly positive, particularly when compared to other events held in the nation since WWE agreed its 10-year deal with the Saudi Arabian administration in 2018.


As covered earlier, it is believed, but not confirmed, that WWE intends on returning to the Kingdom in early 2022.

Johnson notes that despite introducing Pitbull at 2021 Riyadh Season the night before Crown Jewel, The Undertaker was not at the pay-per-view. His appearance at the concert had sparked speculation of a return, though this never transpired.


One person who did make a surprise appearance, however, was 2020 Olypian Tarek Hamdi, who won a silver medal in karate at the summer games. He knocked Mustafa Ali out with a kick to save hometown hero Mansoor after the former tag partners' match, and is said to have "fallen in love with the entire process and showmanship" on display. People within the promotion now believe he may get another look from WWE in the future.

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