Report: WWE "Upset" Over Shots Fired By Taz On AEW Dynamite

Sloppy shopkeepers throw toys from pram.


On this week's AEW Dynamite, shots were fired by the "blood and guts" "pissant company", the gory content of which TNT won't be happy with, even though they paid them a massive rights fee within months of its successful debut.

Dave Meltzer revealed the searing and tedious hypocrisy on Wrestling Observer Radio, claiming that people within WWE were "very upset" that AEW had called the company out on their incredibly dangerous recklessness which, of course, is far less "unsophisticated" than a bi-monthly blade job.

Stringing together the two best ever words to say in sequence in a New York accent, Taz blasted WWE for running a "sloppy shop" in their flagrant and demonstrably dangerous no-selling of the ongoing global situation.


There's arrogant exceptionalism, and there's this.

It's another chapter in the increasingly draining discourse that has engulfed professional wrestling since January 1, 2019. Was the dig necessary to the development of the Jon Moxley Vs. Brian Cage programme? Is this an extension of a small-time mentality? Is it bitterness?


WWE, to their very belated credit, have since tightened up - read: actually introduced - testing measures in typically reactive form. The optics of the line weren't ideal - none of the tested AEW talent mitigated for a false positive by wearing masks this week - but the content, if out of date, wasn't entirely incorrect.

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