Report: WWE Aware Of Age Problem, Too Many 40+ Wrestlers

Backstage details on WWE's age problem, where it lies, pushing wrestlers in their 20s through...

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WWE isn't in denial of its age problem.

Speaking on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that the promotion is "very much aware" that it has a lot of wrestlers aged 40 and above in prominent main roster positions. This, apparently, is one of the reasons behind NXT's recent shift in philosophy, as WWE feels there is a need to develop wrestlers in their 20s and get them ready for Raw or SmackDown.

The company isn't hiding from the problem, says Meltzer. It has, however, attributed part of the blame to NXT's old format, as the supposed "developmental" brand was loaded with wrestlers aged 30+ up until the recent shift.


Bobby Lashley, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and more all occupy prominent main roster positions in 2021. Each of those names could be classed as a main-eventer at the moment - and each has held either the WWE or Universal Championship within the past two years.

NXT's overhaul into NXT 2.0 is now five weeks old. Countless new faces have been introduced to the show in recent weeks, with Vince McMahon changing focus towards "younger, bigger" wrestlers with the goal of creating future main roster stars. Only time will tell if the strategy proves successful, but that it's underway is unquestionable.

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