Report: WWE Backstage Meeting Before Last Night's WWE Raw Revealed

Vince McMahon & Seth Rollins tried to inspire the roster after Saudi travel disaster.

Vince McMahon

Before last night's WWE Raw, Vince McMahon and Seth Rollins reportedly led a backstage meeting to boost backstage morale and assuage the roster's concerns following the previous week's Saudi Arabian travel nightmare.

This is according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. His sources claim that WWE got everyone together to reiterate that the Crown Jewel delays were caused by a mechanical fault, not the reported disagreement between McMahon and Mohammed bin Salman, while blaming the weekend's speculation for causing further problems.

Also noted is that Seth Rollins apparently attempted some kind of "rah-rah speech," including - and this is hilarious, given his recent form - a rant urging wrestlers to be more mindful of their social media activity in situations like this.


It should be reiterated that it's unlikely that anyone other than Vince, his closest counsel, and his equivalents on the Saudi side know the full story here. These reports should be treated as speculation, though it's similarly naive to take company men like AJ Styles (who doubled down on the "mechanical issues") as well.

Regardless, it still feels like there's more to come here. Let's see what comes out in the wash.

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