Report: WWE Backstage Morale High As "Normalcy" Returns To Wrestling

Good news coming out of the WWE Performance Center.


It sounds like morale is finally starting to pick up in the WWE locker-room.

WrestleVotes came through with the report on Thursday, following on from news that future WWE tapings would move from the Performance Center to the Orlando Magic's Amway Center:-


This is good to hear, particularly as the Empty Arena Era has been rife with reports of backstage disharmony from the start, though this was to be expected. WWE's television tapings sound like chaos at the moment. Barely a week passes without talk of Vince McMahon making wide, swooping changes at the very last minute.

On top of this, dozens of wrestlers have missed chunks of activity at a time, the promotion is still reeling from a breakout of the illness currently ravaging the planet, and they cut dozens of independent contractors back in April, dampening spirits that had already been diminished.


Moving to the Amway Center (with virtual fans!) sounds like a positive move all-round. The Performance Center format grew stale a while ago, and giving WWE programming a fresh lick of paint may provide an upturn in fan enthusiasm as well. Here's hoping it helps right the course.

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