Report: WWE Have No Plans For Andrade/Rey Mysterio Title Vs. Mask Match

Rey's mask WON'T be on the line when he wrestles Andrade next week.

Andrade Rey Mysterio mask

WWE reprised 2019's acclaimed Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade feud on this week's episode of Raw, as 'El Idolo' was successful in defending his newly-won United States champion against the lucha legend.

The night's events saw Andrade tear Mysterio's mask from his face while Zelina Vega was out of commission. Later, an unmasked Rey attacked Andrade from behind, setting up a big rematch between the duo for next week's episode of Raw.

This lead to understandable speculation that WWE were working on booking a mask vs. title match between the warring duo. According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, however, this isn't the case. Alvarez reports that WWE have no plans on inserting that kind of stipulation.

Andrade has been United States Champion for 13 days, having defeated Mysterio for the belt at WWE's Madison Square Garden house show on 26 December. He is currently 4-2 against Rey in singles competition, and while their original rivalry was an important part of Andrade's elevation in WWE, besting Mysterio for a second consecutive week (after everything that went down on Monday's show) could be a sign that 'El Idolo' is about to have a rocket strapped to him.

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