Report: WWE Is Leaking AEW Rampage's Fast National TV Ratings

Details on AEW's overnight numbers - and why they're hitting the internet with increased freq.

Vince McMahon AEW Rampage

WWE has been leaking AEW Rampage's fast national television ratings to wrestling news outlets.

This is according to Voices of Wrestling, who have verified their initial tip with at least one of the aforementioned outlets.

Recent weeks have seen Rampage's fast nationals (which aren't typically made public) hit the internet with increased frequency. This usually happens at the weekend, before the final, more accurate figures come out on a Monday afternoon. The fast nationals are generally lower, therefore painting shows in a less-flattering light when reported.


Rampage has thus far proven itself a ratings success despite its inopportune timeslot, with every show (from the 13 August launch date onwards) finishing in the night's top five cable originals until last week, when it slumped to 15th on a night of heavy MLB competition.

AEW Rampage broadcasts on Friday evenings, going out on TNT at 10 PM ET. Most weeks, it starts as WWE SmackDown is ending on FOX, though this week will see the two shows go head-to-head. WWE "supersized" the 15 October episode of SmackDown by announcing an extra half-hour featuring no commercials last week, creating a 30-minute overlap. AEW, meanwhile, will precede tomorrow's Rampage with an hour-long 'Buy In' pre-show commencing at 9 PM.

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