Report: WWE NOT Interested In CM Punk

Until recently, WWE wasn't interested in bringing CM Punk back, BUT...

CM Punk

WWE wasn't interested in bringing CM Punk back as of the last time Dave Meltzer heard about the matter, as Meltzer himself reports in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

This situation may have changed following AEW's reported talks with the 42-year-old, though. Meltzer notes that it is entirely possible that Vince McMahon and co. may have changed their tune as the prospect of the competition acquiring a major, game-changing asset drew closer to reality.

As reported earlier this week, Punk is in talks with a wrestling promotion, likely AEW, over a potential in-ring return.


If Punk does come back to professional wrestling, it'll be the first time he has competed in the sport for over seven years (a couple of mask-clad independent spots aside), having last competed at WWE Royal Rumble 2014.

Acrimoniously let go from WWE shortly after that event, Punk has been continually linked with a pro wrestling comeback ever since. The closest he has come was his analyst role in WWE Backstage, though his contract was with FOX, not WWE, and the old talk show is currently on ice with no signs of a new episode on the horizon.

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