Report: WWE NXT Talent Upset At Training Full-Time During The Pandemic

Returning to a full-time Performance Center training schedule has NOT gone down well in WWE NXT...


WWE's decision to place NXT wrestlers back onto a full-time training schedule at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida hasn't sat well with the talent.

This is according to a new report from Fightful Select stating that developmental training is currently going down five days a week at the PC, despite the precarious situation with the virus in Florida, where 13,990 new cases announced yesterday.

Several wrestlers claimed that they were usually only being tested once a week, despite spending the rest of that week training with their colleagues and coaches. This comes following the promotion's decision to move away from virtual classes and back to a more traditional coaching schedule.


WWE has often been criticised for its lax COVID-19 protocols since the onset of the global health crisis. Like other promotions, Vince McMahon's has experienced multiple outbreaks, only implementing stringent policies after the first one this summer. A mask policy wasn't implemented until July, four months after WWE was first forced into empty buildings.

While reports on Drew McIntyre's recent positive test result revealed that main roster wrestlers are being tested 24 hours before every set of tapings, it seems the promotion isn't being so careful at the Performance Center.

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