Report: WWE Offering Low-Money Contracts To Released Wrestlers

Wrestlers are reportedly being offered a fraction of what they earned before.

Zack Ryder Curt Hawkins

A new report has emerged suggesting that WWE is attempting to re-sign multiple wrestlers released on 15 April on low-money contracts.

This comes to us via Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, who stated that WWE has reached out to several wrestlers let go on Black Wednesday, offering them "a fraction of what they earned before" to return to the promotion. These "renewal offers" are apparently so low that almost any of the wrestlers in question would earn more money if they decided to go elsewhere.

There is currently no word on who, exactly, the contracts were offered to, though the situation is still wide open. Most wrestlers' no-compete clauses don't expire until 15 July. Deonna Purrazzo has shown up in Impact Wrestling and the likes of Karl Anderson, EC3, Eric Young, and more were all teased by the former TNA this week, though whether or not these names will show up there remains to be seen.


Rusev, Zack Ryder, Lio Rush, and more remain free agents.

Drake Maverick made a ceremony of signing a new WWE contract on last night's NXT, though there's no word on whether or not he was ever released in the first place.

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