Report: WWE Refuses To Release Mustafa Ali

WWE has reportedly told Mustafa Ali it won't be granting his release request.

Mustafa Ali WWE

It doesn't look like WWE will be granting Mustafa Ali his release request anytime soon.

Per Fightful Select, following a meeting with the company, Ali has been told that WWE has no plans of letting him go at the moment. This follows on from news that the former RETRIBUTION leader had asked to be let go from the market leaders earlier this week.

In Mustafa's discussions with company officials, the term "value" came up a lot, though there's currently no word on why, exactly, the promotion won't be letting him go. It is believed that Ali still has several years left on his WWE contract.


Fightful previously reported that Ali was involved in a "heated argument" with Vince McMahon over a creative pitch described as "something [he] would never have done." WWE hasn't used Ali in any capacity since then.

The 35-year-old has been with the promotion since entering via the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. Initially assigned to 205 Live, he was moved to the main roster in 2018, briefly entering the WWE Championship's orbit before being shuffled down the card.


Ali is currently approaching three months without a single televised appearance, having last been used on SmackDown's 29 October 2021 episode.

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