Report: WWE Removes Tom Phillips From WrestleMania 37

Here's why Tom Phillips was pulled from tonight's WrestleMania announce booth...

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips has been pulled from the WrestleMania 37 announce booth due to COVID-19 protocols.

This is according to Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri, who didn't know Phillips' replacement at the time of writing. There is currently no indication that Phillips is suffering from the virus himself.

Phillips, 31, has served as WWE's Raw play-by-play announcer since January 2020, when he took over from Vic Joseph. Initially commentating alongside Jerry Lawler and Byron Saxton, the Raw team eventually settled that April, with the inactive Samoa Joe taking Lawler's place.


The same source reports that Phillips will be leaving the Raw team from the show's 12 April episode, with former ESPN sportscaster Adnan Virk taking his place.

Phillips made his first WWE appearances in 2012, when he did backstage interviews for the WWE app. He has served in all kinds of different roles since then, though he is best known for his announcing work, having made Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, and even Superstars and Main Event his home throughout his long, meandering tenure.


There is currently no word on how being removed from Raw will impact Phillips' position in WWE.

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