Report: WWE Sees Damian Priest As Its Next Big Latin Star

Is Damian Priest set to become the major Latin star WWE has been looking for for years?

Damian Priest

WWE sees Damian Preist as its next big Latin American star.

Dave Meltzer reported as much on today's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, giving the 38-year-old a "real good chance" of filling that void, talking up his look, promos, and in-ring ability.

WWE has been looking for another Latin star since Alberto Del Rio left the promotion, according to Meltzer. They like Priest, who is coming off really well on television and has benefitted from his partnership with Bad Bunny, as positioning him opposite the world-famous recording artist means Vince McMahon can't afford to let Damian's booking waver.


Meltzer added that Priest will be protected until at least WrestleMania 37, and probably after. He won't be losing many matches until Bunny leaves - if any.

Priest and Bunny have been linked with a WrestleMania tag team match against John Morrison and The Miz. This would be dependent on Miz losing the WWE Championship, which he is expected to do before 'Mania.


The former NXT North American Champion was called up to the main roster in this year's Royal Rumble, having been written off NXT television after a loss to Karrion Kross earlier in January.

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