Report: WWE Talent Fear Main Roster COVID-19 Outbreak

Cross-contamination fears stem from unnamed RETRIBUTION members.


WWE personnel fear that the recent COVID-19 outbreak at the Performance Center could spread to the main roster, reports PWInsider's Mike Johnson.

Per the writeup, sources are worried about cross-contamination stemming from masked Performance Center athletes working as nameless RETRIBUTION members on this week's episode of Raw. The stable's five core wrestlers were present throughout the show, then joined by more later in the evening, as the night closed on a brawl between RETRIBUTION and the Raw roster.

Johnson states that "there has been no word that any of the concerns voiced have been warranted," though the report is based on information from several different sources.


It is also noted that the recent PC outbreak may have come from a party thrown by an NXT wrestler, leading to asymptomatic transmission around the facility, with wrestlers and staff members affected. The positive test results led to multiple wrestlers being unable to work this Wednesday's set of NXT television tapings. Anyone who was at this show will be barred indefinitely from working Raw and SmackDown, minimising the threat of cross-contamination.

NXT doesn't tape again until the 4 October TakeOver 31 show, giving talents 10 days to quarantine and hopefully recover. Performance Center training has been halted with no return date set.

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