Report: WWE's Backstage Area Is A "Ghost Town" During 205 Live

The key differences between 205 and Raw/SmackDown revealed.

Drake Maverick Mike Kanellis

205 Live is WWE's most neglected brand. Cursed by low viewing figures and with hordes of fans clearing out of the arena for the tapings after SmackDown has ended, it's comfortably the easiest WWE brand to ignore.

Worryingly, it sounds like this extends to the backstage area as well.

This is accordingly to Bryan Alvarez on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Live, who claims that WWE's Gorilla Position and locker-room are like a "ghost town" while 205 is being filmed, compared to the hustle and bustle of SmackDown. Fewer people are hanging out to watch the matches and produce the show, with lots of wrestlers and staff going home after SD ends.

WOL also featured a discussion on 205's characters vs. the main roster. Drake Maverick was used as an example, with the former Rockstar Spud running comedy 24/7 Title angles on Raw while Mike Kanellis was emasculated by Maria, before the duo had a serious, heated in-ring confrontation the following night on 205. Clearly, there's a massive disconnect.

While 205 Live's muted crowd reactions do hamper the experience, check out this week's Jack Gallagher vs. Chad Gable clash. It's one of the best matches WWE have put on all year.

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