Retired WWE Star Fuels Speculation He's Returning To The Ring?

Who could be stepping back between the ropes in WWE soon?


A picture and some footage posted on social media has re-fuelled speculation that retired WWE star Tyson Kidd might wrestle again.

First, Kidd posted a picture of himself posing with wife Natalya on Instagram. It showed the couple "just chilling" on the apron of a WWE training ring. Then, Nattie included video of Tyson running the ropes, performing headstands, rolling around and working other drills with her on her Insta story.

You can see that footage, re-posted by a fan, here.


Kidd hasn't wrestled since injuring his neck during a dark match against Samoa Joe on 1 June 2015. Since then, he's remained upbeat on social media but has made it clear several times that he's at peace with his retirement.

There's also a chance Tyson is able to work some drills without actually taking bumps. That'd be the ultimate test of his health - Kidd must, however, look at the recent return of Edge and take inspiration from what he achieved after serious health issues.


All here at WhatCulture would like to wish Kidd the best. It'd be incredible if he was able to work a match for WWE again.

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