Revealed: The EXACT Date MJF's AEW Contract Expires

As of right now, Maxwell Jacob Friedman could leave AEW and become a free agent on...

MJF free agent

Contract rebel MJF's deal with All Elite Wrestling is due to expire on 1 January 2024, reports Fightful Select.

This has been confirmed by sources close to the 26-year-old. Signed to the young promotion in 2019, MJF later agreed to an extension that brought with it a considerable pay rise, though his situation has since changed considerably.

A pay dispute is at the heart of current contract-related tensions between MJF and AEW. The Pinnacle leader is believed to be angling for a salary comparable to other top stars in the promotion, such as CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, who have come into AEW on bumper deals in recent times. Believing himself to be the top heel in the wrestling business, MJF seeks parity.


Fightful's latest report stresses that the past year has brought multiple examples of AEW talent and the promotion not being "quite on the same page" regarding contract expiry dates. Nonetheless, 1 January 2024 comes from people close to the matter.

MJF has constantly referred to 2024 throughout his many contract teases, mentioning a "bidding war" on multiple occasions. Until now, however, a precise expiry date had not been specified.


AEW is believed to be open to entering contract discussions with MJF over a salary increase and extension.

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