Rey Mysterio DOESN'T Want To Feud With Dominik In WWE?

Mysterio is either serious about other plans or trying to throw WWE fans off the scent.

Rey Mysterio Dominik Mysterio

Rey Mysterio says he would rather "pass the torch" to his son Dominik than feud with him on WWE SmackDown.

The legend told Fightful that it'd mean a great deal to him if he could hand over his iconic mask to Dom and "step out of the ring" for good. He'd be willing to return as Dominik's cornerman occasionally if the situation called for it, but is very keen to let his boy fly (perhaps literally) on his own.

Some fans may be wondering if Rey-Rey is trying to throw everyone off the scent here. The direction WWE want to take here is rather obvious - this week, Dominik chastised his father for always trying to interfere in his matches, and there was definite tension between the pair.


It could only be a matter of time before Dom attacks daddy dearest and WWE books a feud between them. That, apparently, isn't something the elder Mysterio really wants. He'd rather keep things cordial in storyline, and break away from his lad without having a few pay-per-view matches to hammer home the point.

Watch this space. WWE's stance is pretty clear.

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