Rhea Ripley LOSES WWE Women's Tag Team Title Belt

Rhea Ripley appeals for help as gear bag including WWE Women's Tag Team Title goes missing...

Rhea ripley missing title

Rhea Ripley's WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belt has gone missing.

The strap was in a suitcase (along with some of Ripley's gear) lost in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the Australian using social media to appeal for help on Sunday (17 October):-

Rhea has since asked for her followers to let her know if they see her gear put up for sale online:-

Ripley and partner Nikki A.S.H. have been Women's Tag Team Champions since 20 September, when they defeated Natalya and Tamina on Raw. The duo have since mounted one successful defence against the former champions on 4 October but haven't appeared on television since. This is the odd couple tandem's first run with the gold.

Unfortunately, Ripley isn't the only high-profile wrestler to either lose or have a title belt stolen in recent years. A thief took former NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER's strap after breaking into his rental car in December 2019, with the belt not returned until this April. Chris Jericho, meanwhile, famously lost the AEW World Title while travelling home after winning it at All Out 2019, leading to the veteran creating a storyline out of the situation.


Here's hoping that Ripley is as fortunate as Jericho in her search - the Canadian's title was found by the side of a road less than 24 hours after going missing.

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