Ric Flair Claims He Slept With Halle Berry

The Nature Boy said the Oscar winner rode Space Mountain.

Halle Berry Ric Flair

In one of the more surprising wrestling gossip news stories of recent times, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair has claimed that he once slept with Halle Berry.

Apparently he was not joking.

Flair was asked a Twitter question on whether any celebrities had ever ridden "Space Mountain." He replied "dozens." When asked to get into specifics, he listed Halle Berry by name. His podcast co-host Conrad Thompson not-surprisingly asked if he was making that up, to which Flair responded "Would I have to make up a lie?"


The 16 time World Heavyweight Champion claimed he got together with the former Oscar winner after she was divorced from former Atlanta Braves outfielder David Justice, which happened in 1997. That would put Flair at around 46 years old at the time, and Berry around 29. She lived in Atlanta then (according to Flair), which was the former headquarters for WCW. So maybe, just maybe...it actually happened.

Berry has not responded to the story yet, though, if it's true maybe she wouldn't be too enthused in talking about it. Or, this could just be Flair making things up to drum up a little publicity to only later say he was kidding.


Either way, it certainly makes for an interesting story. Wooooo!

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