Ric Flair Falls Out With Shawn Michaels

"Not sorry, I hate you."

Ric Flair

In the first of two bizarre and incendiary - and ultimately quite sad - health update videos released on his official YouTube channel today, Ric Flair cut an impassioned promo-cum-rant.

He defied doctor's orders over his lifestyle, put over Charlotte Flair as the best performer in WWE's Women's division, and paid tribute to the friends that reached out during his recent stint in the hospital. He also called out an unnamed, presumably now former friend, creating anticipation for Back In Action: Part 2.

"Ric Flair is not happy with Shawn Michaels," teased 2019's preeminent scoops whizz Sean Ross Sapp of on Twitter.


Rumours swirled that Flair was set to launch into a second fire tirade, but he opened with a curt "I've calmed down."

Claiming also to have "actually spoken to God," those expecting a perversely entertaining guns-blazing shoot were instead confronted with a rather stark soliloquy, in which Flair asked Shawn "Who are you to judge me? Are you kidding?"


Flair didn't reveal the source of his frustrations, but he did claim to still be a young man, in an odd moment quite troubling for a certain fatalism.

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