Ric Flair On WWE Hall Of Famer: "He's An Arrogant D**k"

The Nature Boy isn't happy with his fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

Ric Flair Eric Bischoff

With Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff having had quite the frosty relationship over the decades, the Nature Boy has once again taken a shot at Eazy E.

Speaking on his To Be the Man podcast (via Wrestling Inc.), Flair labelled Bischoff an "arrogant d**k".

The 16-time World Champion was responding to Bisch's comments on the Woooooo! Becoming Ric Flair documentary. There, the former WCW President detailed his frustrations at Flair missing an episode of WCW TV.


This issue has long been a sore topic between the pair, with Flair pulled from WCW programming in 1998 after missing an episode of Thunder. The legendary Four Horseman man missed that Thunder offering in order to attend a wrestling event involving his son Reid; an event that Ric stated he'd given WCW prior notice of. This resulted in Bischoff suing Flair, which in turn led to Naitch being absent from WCW TV for five months... which likewise led to an on-screen rivalry between the two and generated some very real beef behind the scenes.

In more recent months, Flair and Bischoff have used their respective podcasts to take shots at the other, and Eric once again referencing the '98 issue during the Becoming Ric Flair doc has garnered another response from the two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

"What Eric should have done, basically, when it comes to me, and I read about what he says about me, and I asked the people in the documentary when I saw what Eric said, it doesn’t change my opinion. He’s an arrogant d**k. He had to bring it to my attention that there were rules to comply by, and that I didn't ask for the time to take my son to the AU Nationals."

While Bischoff clearly won't be getting a Christmas card from the Nature Boy this year, Flair did praise his old boss for two things.

Firstly, Ric was thankful for Bischoff calling him after Reid's passing. Secondly, the 73-year-old also noted how Eric cut referee Charles Robinson a cheque for $25,000 when Lil' Naitch broke a rib during a tag match that pitted Robinson and Flair against Randy Savage and Madusa.

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