Ric Flair's "WOOO!" Edited Out Of WWE Television Intro & More

The fallout from Ric Flair's Plane Ride From Hell allegations resurfacing continues...

Ric Flair

Ric Flair's signature "WOOO!" has been removed from the introductory video WWE plays before its television shows.

Once a prominent part of the "Then, Now, Together, Forever" clip the promotion uses every week, Flair was edited out of it for last night's Raw show.

See the video below for Ric's original placement in the video at around 0:07:-


This isn't the only piece of WWE content that Flair has been pulled from over the past few days. Per PWInsider, an animated clip of Ric stripping down for a group of flight attendants has been removed from the relevant episode of WWE Story Time, with the company also pulling Flair's merch from its online store. Searching for the Nature Boy's name on WWEShop.com currently yields no result.


Outwith WWE, Flair may also have been pulled from New York Comic Con, with Scout Comics removing all references to Flair's previously-advertisement appearance at the event scheduled for next month.

All of this comes in the wake of last week's Dark Side of the Ring episode focused on the infamous Plane Ride From Hell. Much of this revolved around flight attendant Heidi Doyle's allegations that a near-naked Flair backed her against a wall during the flight, forcing her to touch his exposed penis against her will. Ric has denied these allegations.

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