Ricochet Denies Reports That He Wants To Leave WWE

When the rumour mill pointed to Ricochet's WWE departure, he shot it down.

Ricochet WWE

WWE's Ricochet has hit Twitter to shoot down rumours that he wants to leave the promotion.

The talk stems from a recent WrestleVotes report stating that "a certain WWE talent" had opted against re-signing after their current deal expires, though the account was understandably unwilling to disclose the name. Citing insider knowledge, Twitter user @SoDuTw then claimed that they'd been informed the original story referred to Ricochet, whose three-year WWE contract expires in January 2021, igniting the speculation.

Ricochet posted the following on Thursday evening:-


The high-flyer has been mostly used in a peripheral role since then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar ate him alive in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. His tag team with Cedric Alexander dissolved last week, when Alexander turned on Ricochet and Apollo Crews to side with The Hurt Business, and the two parties warred again on this week's Raw.


The Hurt Business' involvement in a main event angle with RETRIBUTION makes it unclear whether or not WWE will seek to build on Cedric and Ricochet's rivalry.

Signed in January 2018, Ricochet has been a main roster wrestler since February 2019, formalising Raw as his home in that year's Superstar Shake-up.

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